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Mean, Green Wheels
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Quote of the Week

"I was yelled at, given menial tasks in the department, and not allowed to teach senior chemistry courses."

November 16, 2009

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Cover Story

Stretching Tires' Magic Triangle

Chemical companies hope their innovations can improve the environmental performance of tires without sacrificing safety and durability. (pp. 10-14)

Government & Policy

Protecting Innovation (Member Content)

Supreme Court ruling will impact process patents in biomedicine and technology. (pp. 28-32)

Science & Technology

Prelude To A Kiss Of Death(Member Content)

Targeting early steps in protein disposal could lead to drugs for cancer and more. (pp. 41-43)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Pfizer Slashes R&D GFP In Motion A New Blue Stabilized Helix Cracks Cancer Target

Pfizer Slashes R&D p. 5

Pharmaceuticals: Company to close six research sites and consolidate others as part of integration with Wyeth.

Chemical Security Bill Wins Approval p. 6

Safety: Legislation requires separate standards for academic labs, large commercial facilities.

GFP In Motion p. 6

Photochemistry: Ultrafast method reveals how green fluorescent protein changes during proton transfer.

Deep Rifts Over Climate Bill p. 7

Senate Hearing: Neither Finance Committee members nor experts agree on legislation's economic impact.

Tech Transfer p. 7

Universities adopt principles to ease developing world's access to discoveries.

A New Blue p. 8

Inorganic Chemistry: Mn-based chromophore points to more planet-friendly pigments.

ACS, RSC Address Sustainability p. 8

ACS News: Societies agree to collaborate to promote chemistry's role in a sustainable world.

Stabilized Helix Cracks Cancer Target p. 9

Chemical Biology: Stapled peptide thwarts Notch, a master cell regulator.

Takeover Titan Samuel Heyman Dead At 70 p. 9

Obituary: Well-known corporate raider in the chemicals sector passes away after open heart surgery.


Some Good News In Third Quarter pp. 18-20 (Member Content)

Chemical earnings are still weak, but quarter-over-quarter comparison is encouraging.

A Mixed Bag From Pharma pp. 21-23 (Member Content)

U.S. companies saw limited growth in third-quarter sales, while flu therapies boosted European results.

The Problem With Butter Flavor pp. 24-26 (Member Content)

Accused by some of causing lung disease, diacetyl is the subject of widespread lawsuits.

Business Concentrates pp. 16-17 (Member Content)

  • U.S. Solar Plants Close
  • General Electric plans to close its Newark, Del., solar module facility at the end of 2009 and lay off 82 employees...
  • Braskem Plans Big Mexican Complex
  • Brazilian chemical giant Braskem and Mexican chemical firm Grupo Idesa won an auction of feedstock from Mexican state oil company Pemex that they will use for a new petrochemical complex in Mexico...
  • Brondeau Named New FMC Chief
  • Philadelphia-based FMC has named Pierre Brondeau, 52, its new chief executive officer, effective at the beginning of next year...
  • Plastic Additives Companies Fined
  • The European Commission has imposed $260 million in fines against 10 chemical firms for fixing prices of tin and ester heat stabilizers between 1987 and 2000...
  • Japanese Firms Join For Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • The Japanese companies Sekisui Chemical and Denka Kagaku are forming a joint venture for the water-soluble polymer polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH)...
  • Pharma Firms Form Antibody Alliances
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb and Alder Biopharmaceuticals will jointly develop and commercialize the monoclonal antibody ALD518, which has completed early Phase II clinical trials as a rheumatoid arthritis treatment...
  • Dow Sells Powder Coatings To Akzo
  • Dow Chemical will sell its powder coatings business to paint maker AkzoNobel for an undisclosed sum...
  • Ford Will Use Straw In New Car
  • Ford Motor will use a wheat-straw-re­inforced plastic in the third-row storage bins of the 2010 Ford Flex...
  • Life Technologies Sets Up Two Deals
  • Adding to its polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology offerings, Life Technologies will acquire BioTrove, a developer of high-throughput gene-expression and genotyping analysis systems...
  • Sigma-tau Acquires Enzon Drug Business
  • Enzon Pharmaceuticals has agreed to sell its specialty pharmaceutical business to Italy’s Sigma-tau Group for $300 million...
  • Bayer Launches A Sustainability Plan
  • Bayer is boosting its sustainability efforts with the launch of eight projects focused on health care, nutrition, and climate change...
  • Lonza Signs PACTs For Biomanufacturing
  • The Swiss contract manufacturer Lonza will manufacture Arzerra, a monoclonal antibody developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Genmab...
  • Business Roundup
  • Mitsui Chemicals, Arkema, Wacker Chemie, BASF’s fuel-cell business, Dow Chemical, Duke University, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Vertex Pharmaceuticals...

ACS News

SCI Scholars Program Offers Industrial Internships p. 48 (Member Content)

Chemistry Olympian In Congressional Record p. 48 (Member Content)

ACS Board Approves 299 Grants p. 49 (Member Content)

Government & Policy

Protecting Innovation pp. 28-32 (Member Content)

Supreme Court ruling will impact process patents in biomedicine and technology.

A Hostile Workplace pp. 33-36

William Paterson University faces charges of gender harassment, discrimination in its chemistry department.

Exploring the 'Double Bind' pp. 37-39 (Member Content)

Symposium explores contributions of race, ethnicity, and gender to science's demographics.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 36 (Member Content)


Awards p. 49 (Member Content)

Nominations Sought For Student Award p. 49 (Member Content)

Call For Nominations For Spencer Award p. 49 (Member Content)

Deborah Rice Wins Heinz Award p. 49 (Member Content)


Obituaries p. 50 (Member Content)

Science & Technology

Prelude To A Kiss Of Death pp. 41-43 (Member Content)

Targeting early steps in protein disposal could lead to drugs for cancer and more.

Ubiquitin Tagging On Demand Web Exclusive

Having the right tools is the key to understanding ubiquitination, or the tagging of proteins with ubiquitin that marks them for disposal.

Reintroducing Thorium pp. 44-46 (Member Content)

A largely forgotten natural resource holds vast nuclear power potential.

Electron-Transfer Proteins Tweaked p. 47 (Member Content)

Modifications for better control of redox potential and reactivity.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 39-40 (Member Content)

Editor's Page

Preparing The Future p. 3

The Departments

Letters p. 4

Newscripts p. 56

Stealing Metal, Metal Allergy

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Register Free at http://pubs.acs.org/cen/webinar/

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