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Killer Greens
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Quote of the Week

"We're going to show young people how cool science can be."

November 30, 2009

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Cover Story

Making Food Safer

Recalls and public concern drive the push for greater vigilance. (pp. 11, 12, 15-17)

» Testing Life's Staples
» There's Money In Safer Food

Government & Policy

Nanosilver Pesticides (Member Content)

EPA addresses data gaps, prepares to register more products. (pp. 25-26)

Science & Technology

From Thesis To Business

Flexible, high-aspect-ratio nanowires turn researcher into entrepreneur. (pp. 33-35)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Calcite Close-up A Pathogen's Biochemical Mesh Strengthening U.S. Math And Science Freeze Protector Is Protein-free

Calcite Close-up p. 7

Composites: 3-D images reveal mineral's interactions with a biopolymer.

U.S. Puts Its Cards On The Table p. 8

Climate Change: Obama will offer U.S. emission cuts of 17% by 2020.

A Pathogen's Biochemical Mesh p. 8

Systems Biology: Study reveals that mycoplasma pneumoniae does more with less.

Strengthening U.S. Math And Science p. 9

Education: President rolls out Educate to Innovate campaign.

Freeze Protector Is Protein-free p. 9

Biochemistry: First-in-class natural antifreeze from Alaskan beetle has carbohydrate and lipid components.

Drug R&D Heats Up In Beijing p. 10

Globalization: PPD buys BioDuro, Merck Serono builds new lab in Chinese capital.

Reliance Bids For LyondellBasell p. 10

Megamerger: Sale would make Indian conglomerate one of top five chemical companies worldwide.


Thinking Big, Acting Small pp. 20-21 (Member Content)

GSK banks on small science teams that act entrepreneurially.

Reality Check p. 22 (Member Content)

Meeting looks at science, regulatory, and health care hurdles to personalized medicine.

Business Concentrates pp. 18-19 (Member Content)

  • CF Wins Terra Board Seats
  • Shareholders of fertilizer maker Terra Industries have elected three new directors nominated by rival firm CF Industries...
  • Vietnam Project Moves Along
  • Thailand’s Siam Cement has signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum to build a $4 billion petrochemical complex on Long Son Island, in southern Vietnam...
  • Clariant To Cut 570 Jobs
  • Specialty chemical maker Clariant will cut 570 jobs as part of the next phase of its production optimization strategy...
  • Carbon Nanotubes Coat Ship Hull
  • Bayer says its carbon nanotubes make a ship-hull coating so hard and smooth, it glides through the water, reducing flow resistance and saving fuel...
  • BASF To Shutter Paper Coatings Sites
  • BASF plans to close down production of styrene- butadiene latex (SBR) paper coating binders at three sites by mid-2010 because of industry overcapacity...
  • Danish Plant To Fuel Climate Talks
  • Biomass treatment specialist Inbicon has opened a second-generation ethanol plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, that will provide ethanol to fuel the cars of VIPs...
  • Thousands File Claims Against Chemtura
  • About 14,200 claims were filed as of the end of October against specialty chemical firm Chemtura, which has been in bankruptcy reorganization since March...
  • ISP Launches Drug Solubility Effort
  • International Specialty Products has launched a push into drug solubility improvement with new labs and a technology alliance...
  • Novartis Licenses Incyte Therapies
  • Novartis has entered a licensing agreement giving it U.S. rights to drug discovery firm Incyte’s JAK inhibitor INCB18424...
  • Pfizer Plans New China R&D Center
  • Pfizer has signed a memorandum of understanding with Wuhan National Bioindustry Base to build an R&D center in Wuhan, China...
  • DNDi Taps Pfizer Compound Library
  • Pfizer and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative are joining to advance the development of cures for human African trypanosomiasis...
  • Biopharma Plant Slated For Abu Dhabi
  • Middle East investors are sinking $150 million on a biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the first of its kind in the region...
  • Business Roundup
  • Solutia, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Seattle Genetics and Astellas Pharma’s, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, NexMed, The European Investment Fund, Soligenix, Jubilant Organosys...

ACS Comment

The N&E Process: What Happens Before You See The Ballot To Elect The President-elect p. 34 (Member Content)

This Week Online

Food Inc.

Reel Science recommends "Food, Inc."

"Food, Inc." takes a one-sided look at industrial farming, railing against fast food and big agribusiness.

Government & Policy

Nanosilver Pesticides pp. 25-26 (Member Content)

EPA addresses data gaps, prepares to register more products.

Industries Fret Over Stalled Climate Bill pp. 27-28 (Member Content)

Clean energy manufacturers see lost opportunity in failure to pass legislation that puts price on carbon.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 24 (Member Content)

  • Proton Smasher Back On-Line
  • Protons at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics’ Large Hadron Collider (LHC) made their first collisions on Nov. 23, after the world’s most expensive and potentially most powerful particle accelerator went off-line...
  • White House Defers To EPA On Data Needs
  • White House regulatory overseers say they will defer to EPA’s scientific expertise on what data are needed to assess chemicals suspected of mimicking hormones...
  • Industry Challenges Carbofuran Rule
  • FMC Corp. and a coalition of agricultural groups filed a petition on Nov. 18 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit...
  • CPSC Completes Study Of Chinese Drywall
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it has found a strong association in homes with drywall from China and high levels of hydrogen sulfide and metal corrosion...
  • Nuclear Waste Plan Called Unlawful
  • Steven Chu and two Republican members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee have objected to the recent draft program decision by DOE signaling its intention to close down the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository...


Stanislaus Wong Wins Buck-Whitney Award p. 35 (Member Content)

Jongyoon Han Wins Young Innovator Award p. 35 (Member Content)

ConocoPhillips Team Honored For Industrial Innovation p. 35 (Member Content)

Dias And Wallace Honored For Research, Teaching p. 35 (Member Content)

Science & Technology

From Thesis To Business pp. 30-31

Flexible, high-aspect-ratio nanowires turn researcher into entrepreneur.

For Ignition, Mix Metal And Ice p. 32 (Member Content)

Nanoscale aluminum and ice blend sends rocket aloft.

Catalytic Simplification p. 33 (Member Content)

Nonenzymatic technique for enantioselective amine acylation dispenses with a complex catalyst.

Science & Technology Concentrates p. 29 (Member Content)

  • Illuminating Tiny Bone Breaks
  • The first luminescent lanthanide contrast agent capable of imaging microcracks in bone has been developed by chemists in Ireland...
  • Amino Acids Anchor Novel C–H Olefination
  • A team at Scripps Research Institute has developed a versatile way to functionalize C–H bonds on aromatic rings with olefins...
  • Catalyst Combo For Cyclohexanone
  • Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Chemistry, in Beijing, have found that combining two common catalysts can produce the industrially important chemical intermediate cyclohexanone...
  • New Metalloprotein Cluster Discovered
  • Crystallographic analysis of tetrathiomolybdate (TM) interacting with the yeast metallochaperone protein Atx1 has revealed a copper-molybdenum cluster never before seen in metalloproteins...
  • Urea-RNA Disruption
  • Scientists have made a fundamental advance in biochemistry by using simulations to discover a new type of interaction between urea and RNA...

The Departments

Letters pp. 4-5

Newscripts p. 40

Deck The Halls With Crystals And Chromatography

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