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Joseph S. Francisco
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Quote of the Week

"If Chinese citizens knew what the factories in their backyard produce and how, it would have a huge effect on pollution in China."

January 4, 2010

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Cover Story

President's Message

Being Competitive In The Global Marketplace. (pp. 2-5)

Government & Policy

Clean-Energy Push Takes Off (Member Content)

Critics praise advanced research program for its laudable goals but worry over its implementation. (pp. 19-21)

Science & Technology

Fake Pharmaceuticals

Those fighting against counterfeit medicines face increasingly sophisticated adversaries. (pp. 27-29)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Copenhagen Consternation Big Pharma's Year-End Spree Dirt Tells Resistance Tales Titania's Prowess

Copenhagen Consternation p. 8

Climate Change: Nonbinding deal lets countries make their own pledges on greenhouse gas limits.

Big Pharma's Year-End Spree p. 9

Acquisitions: Flurry of deals bolsters drug companies' late-stage pipelines.

Court Approves New Lending For Tronox Reorganization p. 9

Bankrupt firm obtains last-minute $425 million debtor-in-possession and exit financing.

Industry Drops Flame Retardant p. 10

Toxic Substances: Producers of decabde will shift to green alternatives.

Dirt Tells Resistance Tales p. 10

Environmental Chemistry: Antibiotic resistance genes in soil are increasing.

Titania's Prowess p. 11

Catalysis: Gold’s surprising reactivity may be partly due to oxide support.

Sanofi Will Buy Chattem, Targeting U.S.'s Over-the-counter Market p. 11

Deal will give French drug company access to lucrative U.S. market for over-the-counter products.


In Pursuit Of Clean Water pp. 14-16 (Member Content)

Activists in China follow contrasting paths in tackling industrial contamination of water.

Company Of The Year p. 17 (Member Content)

Insights: Lubrizol's results, unusual for a chemical company in 2009, need to be acknowledged.

Business Concentrates pp. 12-13 (Member Content)

  • Bottle Battle Brews
  • Eastman Chemical has filed a lawsuit against Indorama Polymers charging the Thailand-based polyester producer with stealing manufacturing trade secrets...
  • Chemtura Will Sell PVC Additives
  • Chemtura has secured a “stalking horse” bid from private equity firm SK Capital to buy its polyvinyl chloride additives business for $34 million...
  • Nufarm Drops Sinochem, Links With Sumitomo
  • The Australian agrochemical firm Nufarm has ended talks to be acquired by China’s Sinochem and instead is planning to cooperate with Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical...
  • Brazilian Complex Gets Financing
  • PetroquímicaSuape has received a $1.5 billion credit line from Brazil’s development bank BNDES to help it build a $2.3 billion chemical complex in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco...
  • OM Group To Acquire EaglePicher Unit
  • Cobalt and nickel compounds maker OM Group is buying EaglePicher Technologies, a battery maker, from EaglePicher for $172 million...
  • Kraton Cuts IPO Price
  • Kraton Performance Polymers netted $140 million in its initial public offering (IPO) with shares priced at $13.50...
  • Teijin Fibers Go To Indonesian Firms
  • Japan’s Teijin will transfer ownership of its Indonesian polyester subsidiary Tifico to four Indonesian firms with interests in the textiles business...
  • Air Liquide, Praxair Win China Contracts
  • Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Industrial Gases has won a 15-year contract to supply hydrogen and carbon monoxide to a Bayer unit that produces polyurethanes in Shanghai...
  • Two ‘Cleantech’ Firms to go public
  • Thin-film solar system maker Solyndra has filed paperwork with the Securities & Exchange Commission for an initial public offering (IPO)...
  • BASF, KIT Link For Materials Research
  • BASF and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have founded IP3, a joint laboratory for nanostructured functional materials in Karlsruhe, Germany...
  • Japanese Drugmakers Sign With U.S. Firms
  • Japan’s Astellas Pharma and Ambit Biosciences will codevelop AC220, Ambit’s treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, a fatal form of blood cancer...
  • New England Peptide Debuts Instrument
  • New England Peptide has launched a peptide synthesis instrument designed for the scale-up and process development of customers’ peptide-based drugs...
  • Pfizer Sheds Vicuron And Cholesterol Drug
  • Pfizer has sold Vicuron Pharmaceuticals to Durata Therapeutics, an antibiotics-focused drug company recently formed by a five-member venture capital syndicate...
  • Business Roundup
  • Süd-Chemie, Liquidia Technologies, Celanese, Arigene, Clarient, an Aliso Viejo, DSM, Jubilant Organosys, GlaxoSmithKline...


2010 ACS National Award Winners pp. 30-34 (Member Content)

Government & Policy

Clean-Energy Push Takes Off pp. 19-21 (Member Content)

Critics praise advanced research program for its laudable goals but worry over its implementation.

Valuing R&D pp. 22-23 (Member Content)

Poor economic models and barriers to research collaboration are stifling u.s. innovation.

Prizes For Innovation p. 24 (Member Content)

Policymakers look to federally funded inducement prizes to help solve societal challenges.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 18 (Member Content)

This Week Online

Reel Science

"Whiz Kids" documents two years in the lives of some of the smartest science-minded high school students around.
»

Science & Technology

Fake Pharmaceuticals pp. 27-29

Those fighting against counterfeit medicines face increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 25-26 (Member Content)

  • Biocontainer Transport
  • A polysaccharide molecular container encapsulates a nanotube as cargo and uses myosin to truck it along an actin highway in cells.
  • Colloidal Lenses Turn Up The Heat
  • Spherical colloidal particles in combination with temperature-sensitive objectives function as lenses for single-molecule imaging.
  • Better View Of Solid-State Reactions
  • Using nanocrystals suspended in water, researchers probe the properties solid-state organic reactions using solution spectroscopy techniques.
  • Two-Faced Catalyst
  • Novel design permits tandem aqueous- and organic-phase reactions in a biphasic solvent system.
  • Flu-Fighting Proteins
  • Interferon-inducible transmembrane proteins serve as the body's first line of defense against the H1N1 virus.

The Departments

Letters p. 6-7

Newscripts p. 56

Walkin' In A Winter Nanoland

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