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Pittcon 2010
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Quote of the Week

"Rabbis have to become chemists to some degree. They need to understand chemical composition, chemical origin, and chemical manufacturing."

March 29, 2010

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Cover Story

Pittcon 2010

Despite unruly weather, low attendance, and a struggling economy, exhibitors are optimistic that demand for instruments is improving. (pp. 27-31, 32-34, 35-37, 38-41, 42-43)

Government & Policy

Feeding The World (Member Content)

Public and private sector mull over how to meet growing food demand. (pp. 18-19)

Science & Technology

Drugs In The Environment (Member Content)

Stakeholders consider ways to reduce the impact of drugs that get past sewage treatment plants and into nature. (pp. 23-24)

» Greener Drugs: Benign-By-Design Strategies
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Table of Contents

Cover Story

Positive Signals Probing Nanotoxicity Doubling Up On Mass Analysis

Positive Signals pp. 27-31

At Pittcon 2010, hints of an instrument industry upturn.

Probing Nanotoxicity pp. 32-34

Analytical methods provide insight into hazards of nanomaterials.

Doubling Up On Mass Analysis pp. 35-37

Coupling ion mobility spectrometry with mass spec provides sensitivity to analyte mass, charge, and shape.

Instruments On Display pp. 38-41

C&EN features Pittcon Editors' Award winners and other notables.

Honors And Awards pp. 42-43

Pittcon recognizes achievements in analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy.

News Of The Week

Pharma Wins In Health Reform Radical Kind Of Methyl Transfer A New Measure Of Sustainability Curbing Diesel Engines' Cost

Chemists Convene In San Francisco p. 7

ACS Meeting News: Sustainable chemistry is gathering's theme.

Pharma Wins In Health Reform p. 8

Legislation: Industry to pick up millions of newly insured customers.

A Shout-Out For Green Chemistry p. 8

ACS Meeting News: EPA's Paul Anastas exhorts chemists to embrace commitment to sustainability.

Radical Kind Of Methyl Transfer p. 9

ACS Meeting News: Enzyme involved in antibiotic resistance catalyzes radical C-methylation.

Innospec Pleads Guilty p. 9

Kickbacks: Firm to pay $40 million in fines stemming from UN oil-for-food program and other violations.

Cleantech Firms Find Investors p. 10

Venture Capital: Successful fundraising points to a better 2010.

Addition Against The Grain p. 10

ACS Meeting News: Defying classic rules, reaction makes new chiral centers.

A New Measure Of Sustainability p. 11

ACS Meeting News: iSustain Alliance presents Web-based application for tracking greener product development.

Curbing Diesel Engines' Cost p. 11

Materials Science: New catalyst could sidestep use of costly Pt in emissions control technology.


A Friendlier ISP pp. 14-15 (Member Content)

Company's days as a hostile takeover launch point are over, says CEO Sunil Kumar.

Seeds Of Dissent p. 16 (Member Content)

Insights: Regulators travel to the heartland to examine competitive practices of agbiotech firms.

Business Concentrates pp. 12-13 (Member Content)

  • Instrument Firms Make Electronics Advances
  • Two scientific instrument makers have undertaken initiatives to advance the development, measurement, and characterization of electronic and solar materials...
  • Succinic Acid Plant Planned For Canada
  • DNP Green Technology and GreenField Ethanol plan to build a $50 million plant that will make biobased succinic acid for use in deicing applications...
  • EU Clears KP’s Bid For Artenius
  • The European Union has cleared the acquisition of Artenius U.K. by KP Chemical, a firm controlled by South Korea’s Lotte Group...
  • Lanxess Readies German Expansion
  • Lanxess is approaching completion of a nearly $50 million expansion program at its Leverkusen, Germany, site...
  • Pfizer, GSK Join Vaccine Alliance
  • GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer are the first two companies to commit to providing vaccines against pneumococcal disease to the GAVI Alliance...
  • GE And Umicore Sign Technology Agreement
  • GE’s global research arm and Belgium catalyst expert Umicore have agreed to commercialize a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst for stationary powe...
  • Sigma-Aldrich To Hike Trimethylgallium
  • Sigma-Aldrich’s SAFC Hitech unit plans to invest $2 million to expand production of trimethylgallium (TMG) at its plant in Bromborough, England...
  • Cambrex Acquires Biocatalyst Firm IEP
  • Cambrex has acquired IEP, a Wiesbaden, Germany-based firm that specializes in developing biocatalytic processes and making enzymes for drug companies...
  • Nodality Wins Backing From Pfizer Venture
  • Pfizer Venture Investments led a $15.5 million financing round for biotech firm developing personalized tests for cancer and autoimmune diseases...
  • FDA Weighs Action On Genzyme Plant
  • Following repeated problems at Genzyme’s Allston, Mass., site, FDA appears ready to take legal action...
  • GE Captures CO2 With Aminosilicone
  • Scientists at GE Global Research are developing aminosilicones as a new class of chemicals for removing carbon dioxide from power plant smokestacks...
  • Biogen And Icahn Agree To A Truce
  • Biogen Idec has reached an agreement with Carl Icahn, naming one of Icahn’s nominees to its board...
  • Business Roundup
  • Evonik Industries, DuPont BASF, PPG Industries, 3M and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Chiral Quest, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Pfizer, >GTx and Ipsen...


2010 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community is for March through December.

Government & Policy

Feeding The World pp. 18-19 (Member Content)

Public and private sector mull over how to meet growing food demand.

More Input On Geoengineering p. 20 (Member Content)

Lawmakers are told that for technologies to advance, more research and regulations are needed.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 17 (Member Content)

ACS Scholars

Kedy Edme p. 44

Now more than ever, a Haitian ACS Scholar's family inspires him to achieve success in chemistry.

Science & Technology

Drugs In The Environment (Member Content)

Stakeholders consider ways to reduce the impact of drugs that get past sewage treatment plants and into nature.

» Greener Drugs: Benign-By-Design Strategies Web Exclusive

Favored Flavors pp. 25-26

To ensure kosher dietary standards, rabbis need to account for every molecule.

What's That Stuff? Body Armor Web Exclusive

High-tech ceramics protect soldiers from a wide range of ballistic threats.

Editor's Page

At Lunch With Industry Execs p. 3

The Departments

Letters p. 4

Newscripts p. 48

A Chemical News Blunder, Powering Up With Cotton

ACS Meeting News

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 21-22

This week's selections are from the ACS national meeting, which took place on March 21–25 in San Francisco.

'Prochelator' Corrals Copper On Cue

ACS Meeting News: Protease found in brains of those with Alzheimer's triggers release of potentially therapeutic copper chelator.

Prebiotic Comet Collision Chemistry

ACS Meeting News: The shock of a comet hitting a planet could produce amino acids from extraterrestrial building blocks.

Bacterial Sugars Battle Corrosion

ACS Meeting News: Environmentally friendly coatings made of polysaccharides protect metal from rusting.

Vitamin E Helps Lenses Deliver Drugs

ACS Meeting News: Lipophilic vitamin increases release time, boosts exposure to ophthalmic agents.

Cranberry Juice Keeps Infections At Bay

ACS Meeting News: Home remedy prevents bacteria from forming biofilms, study shows.

Detecting Parasites

ACS Meeting News: Quick, inexpensive test uses arsenic-based dyes to identify parasitic diseases.

Dating Artifacts Nondestructively

ACS Meeting News: Plasmas and supercritical fluids could replace harsh acid and base soaks for cleaning archaeological relics.

Gut Feelings

ACS Meeting News: Intestine replica could breed smart gut bacteria.

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