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Lab Informatics
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Quote of the Week

"Without legislative action, it is not a matter of if but when more lives will be put at risk by another outbreak."

May 24, 2010

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Cover Story

LIMS In The Cloud

Laboratory information management system software for small users makes maximum use of the Internet. (pp. 12-16)

Science & Technology

Probing Radioactive Materials(Member Content)

Use of NMR to study nuclear materials and the chemistry of f-block elements grows. (pp. 34-35)

Science & Technology

A Question Of Identity

Multiple initiatives aim to unambiguously identify individual scientists so they're credited for their work. (pp. 36-37)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Dendrimersomes Debut Dispersed Oil Raises Concerns Synthetic Biology Takes A Step Forward Reviving The Malaria Fight

Dendrimersomes Debut p. 7

Supramolecular Chemistry: Self-assembled dendrimer-based structures could deliver drugs, other substances.

Dispersed Oil Raises Concerns p. 8

Spill Cleanup: EPA backs subsurface use of dispersants, but questions remain.

Pfizer Reveals Plant Closures p. 9

Downsizing: Five-year plan will eliminate 6,000 jobs worldwide.

New Start For Pd(III) Chemistry p. 9

Organometallic Chemistry: Complex with a carbon-Pd(III) bond makes C–C bonds.

Synthetic Biology Takes A Step Forward p. 10

Genetic Engineering: Team grows bacterial DNA in yeast, transplants it to host cell, which then replicates.

Firms Advance Flow Chemistry p. 10

Technology: Companies see business opportunity in continuous processes.

Reviving The Malaria Fight p. 11

Open Innovation: Companies, consortium publicly disclose scores of potential antimalarial leads.

Cooperative Biomonitoring p. 11

German government and industry will collaborate to analyze chemicals in people.


Arkema Pushes Into Biobased Acrylics pp. 20-21 (Member Content)

French chemical firm ramps up effort to commercialize acrylic acid based on glycerin.

The New Merck p. 22 (Member Content)

The recently merged pharmaceutical company unveils its pipeline at R&D day.

C&EN Talks With Jon Rich p. 23 (Member Content)

Momentive CEO sets groundwork for next round of silicone innovation.

Business Concentrates pp. 18-19 (Member Content)

ACS News

Frees' Work Garners Landmark Status p. 41

Dip-and-read diagnostics strips are a boon to diabetics.

ACS Refreshes Its Website p. 42

New functionality, improved searching enhance web presence.

Water Science Prize To Schnoor pp. 42-43

Colorado High Schoolers Recognized p. 43


2010 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community is for May through December.

Government & Policy

Guidelines For Geoengineering R&D pp. 26-27 (Member Content)

Asilomar conference raises issues for governance of tests and deployment of climate-controlling technologies.

Food Safety In Flux pp. 29-30 (Member Content)

Legislation is delayed as Congress sorts out details and addresses other domestic priorities.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 24 (Member Content)

  • Science Bill Fails To Clear House
  • Democrats in the House of Representatives were unable to get enough votes to pass legislation reauthorizing the America Competes Act last week...
  • NRC Report Calls For Emissions Cuts
  • The U.S. urgently needs to trim its greenhouse gas emissions, a report from the National Research Council says...
  • Cleaning With Gas Is Common, Lethal
  • A study by the Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) finds that using natural gas to clean piping is a common, as well as deadly, practice...
  • Varmus To Lead Cancer Institute
  • President Barack Obama has chosen former NIH director Harold E. Varmus to head the National Cancer Institute...
  • NIH Awards $1 Billion For Facilities
  • NIH has awarded $1 billion of American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds for the construction or improvement of biomedical research facilities...


Cell Of Controversy

The How-Tos Of Green Chemistry p. 40

Twelve-volume collection summarizes the breadth of research on chemistry that is more sustainable.


Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

You can now follow C&EN on Facebook. Become a fan and track the latest news and discussions at facebook.com/CENews.

Science & Technology

Probing Radioactive Materials pp. 34-35 (Member Content)

Use of NMR to study nuclear materials and the chemistry of f-block elements grows.

A Question Of Identity pp. 36-37

Multiple initiatives aim to unambiguously identify individual scientists so they’re credited for their work.

C&EN Talks With Yuan T. Lee p. 38 (Member Content)

Nobel Laureate and president-elect of an international scientific organization, Lee hopes to promote sustainability.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 32-33 (Member Content)

Editor's Page

Thanksgiving In May p. 3


The Departments

Letters pp. 4-5

Newscripts p. 48

Taking A Trip Down Sensory Lane

C&EN Archives

C&EN Archives

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CENtral Science

» News, notes, and musings from C&EN

Check out some of the recent posts from C&EN's blog, "C&ENtral Science"

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