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Fine Chemicals
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Quote of the Week

"It's awfully tough when someone says, 'It's a nice molecule, but we are never going to be able to make a product out of it.'"

May 31, 2010

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Cover Story

Formulation Frenzy

Contract firms offer ways to improve drug solubility; biopharma firms try to turn injectable biologics into pills. (pp. 13-18)

» Nicer Than Needles
Science & Technology

Sowing The Seeds Of Oil Customization(Member Content)

Breeding and biotechnology team up to deliver seed oils with tailored profiles. (pp. 52-55)

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Table of Contents

Cover Story

Finding Solutions Nicer Than Needles

Finding Solutions pp. 13-18

Custom manufacturers take on drug solubility issues to help pharmaceutical firms move products through development.

Solubility Solutions: Formulation Routes To Improve Solubility p. 17

Nicer Than Needles pp. 27-30

Delivering biologic drugs orally, instead of by injection, calls for tricking the human body.

News Of The Week

Oil Spill Hammer Abbott To Acquire Piramal's Generics A Case Of Opposites Selective CO Oxidation

Obama Beefs Up Oil Spill Response p. 8

Environment: President announces measures to avoid another oil rig disaster.

Abbott To Acquire Piramal's Generics p. 9

Emerging Markets: Acquisition is latest big-pharma move into non-Western markets.

Training Food Safety Scientists p. 9

Collaboration: Public-private partnership gets underway to teach foreign governments and manufacturers about U.S. practices.

Dispute Flares Over Ardi p. 10

Paleontology: Disagreement concerns hominid's habitat and classification.

R&D Heads Shift At Big Pharma p. 10

R&D Management: Pfizer and AstraZeneca get new research chiefs.

Similar Molecules, Opposite Effects p. 11

Protein Interactions: Small-molecule analogs affect heat-shock protein complex in different ways.

Leadership Changes At Shin-Etsu p. 11

Japanese Industry: Celebrated manager moves on after 20-year run.

NIH Strengthens Conflict Rules p. 12

Ethics: New reporting requirements are expected to enhance public trust in biomedical research.

Selective CO Oxidation p. 12

Catalysis: Low-coordination iron sites at interface between oxide and metal drives the conversion.


Where Chemists Go After Big Pharma pp. 34-36 (Member Content)

In the U.K., contract research organizations are a bright spot for laid-off chemists.

Dow Seeks Magic Specialties Recipe pp. 37-38 (Member Content)

At an exhibition in Philadelphia, Dow showcased its new advanced materials unit.

Material Shortages Rile Paint Makers pp. 39-40 (Member Content)

Low supplies of acrylic acid and its derivatives may mean higher prices for house paint.

Business Concentrates pp. 32-33 (Member Content)


East-West Partnership pp. 58-59

Hanoi University of Science and University of Illinois collaborate to modernize Vietnamese chemistry curriculum.

Undergraduate Research Abroad p. 60

U.S. students do research work in Thailand through a National Science Foundation program.


Government & Policy

Drilling Process Draws Scrutiny pp. 42-47 (Member Content)

'Shale gale' reshapes energy outlook, but critics fear environmental impact.

Geochemistry: Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Is A Chemical Soup pp. 44-45 (Member Content)

Innovation Problem Haunts Policymakers pp. 46-48 (Member Content)

Frustration grows with perceived weakness of Administration's efforts to boost U.S. competitiveness.

Space Exploration Plan Under Fire p. 49 (Member Content)

Congress continues to question NASA's new plan for human space exploration.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 41 (Member Content)


For The Love of Chemistry pp. 61-62

The periodic table is a springboard for lively stories about the central science.

ACS Scholars

Steven Lopez p. 65

High school and undergrad mentors help a budding physical organic chemist get into UCLA's Ph.D. program.


Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

You can now follow C&EN on Facebook. Become a fan and track the latest news and discussions at facebook.com/CENews.

Science & Technology

Sowing The Seeds Of Oil Customization pp. 52-55 (Member Content)

Breeding and biotechnology team up to deliver seed oils with tailored profiles.

A Most Versatile Enzyme p. 56

Natural Products: A single enzyme catalyzes thioether cyclization of peptides with nearly no specificity for amino acid sequence.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 50-51 (Member Content)

ACS Comment

ACS GCI: Past, Present, And Future p. 63 (Member Content)

ACS News

Official Reports From The San Francisco Meeting Web Exclusive


2010 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community is for May through December.

Editor's Page

Chemicals And Cancer p. 5

The Departments

Letters pp. 4, 6-7

Newscripts p. 72

An Equine Mystery: What Killed Phar Lap?

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C&EN Archives

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