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Quote of the Week

"The merchants of doubt use uncertainty to play down the severity of the problems facing us."

September 13, 2010

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Cover Story

Science Education Trends

Demand grows for assessment of education projects; U.S. professors set up shop abroad. (pp. 47-54)

Government & Policy

Potholes On The Road To Renewable Fuels(Member Content)

Corn-kernel-based ethanol hits the fast lane, but cellulosic ethanol is still stuck in first gear. (pp. 20-23)

Science & Technology

Nuclear Efficiency(Member Content)

With new fuel formulations, reactors could extract more energy, reduce hazardous waste. (pp. 29-31)

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Table of Contents

Cover Stories

Measuring Success An Office Across The Ocean

Pedagogy That Works p. 47

C&EN examines two trends: funding agencies push for assessment of education projects, and chemistry professors maintain multiple research groups and labs worldwide.

Measuring Success pp. 48-52

Funding agencies are pushing for more data to prove that investing in chemical education innovation is paying off.

An Office Across The Ocean pp. 53-54

Seizing unique opportunities, u.s. professors set up shop abroad.

News Of The Week

Ion-Initiated Cross-Talk Melanoma Drug's Structure Revealed Bristol-Myers To Buy ZymoGenetics A Bleak View For Curbing CO<sub>2</sub>

Ion-Initiated Cross-Talk p. 5

Supramolecular Chemistry: Electron transfer in complex begins with ionic interactions.

Appeals Court Lifts Stem Cell Injunction p. 6

Ruling: Federal funding can resume for now.

Court Clears Thai Projects p. 6

Petrochemicals: Construction activity will resume at Map Ta Phut.

Melanoma Drug's Structure Revealed p. 7

Drug Development: Promising skin cancer therapy targets a rogue kinase.

Airgas Takeover Saga Continues p. 7

Firm rejects another offer from Air Products.

Obama Backs R&D Tax Credit p. 8

Economy: Plan would increase and make permanent a research tax break.

A Bleak View For Curbing CO2 p. 8

Environment: Breaking the world's fossil-fuel addiction will be difficult at best, study suggests.

Bristol-Myers To Buy ZymoGenetics p. 9

Pharmaceuticals: Purchase adds to drugmaker's virology portfolio.

Reducing Carbon From Coal p. 9

Greenhouse Gases: German partners seek to mitigate CO2 emissions.


Lost Opportunity For China Venture pp. 12-13 (Member Content)

Evonik's investment in a Chinese pharmaceutical ingredients firm takes a turn for the worse.

Guarding The Enterprise pp. 14-15 (Member Content)

Data-loss prevention emerges as a new line of defense for information technology.

Tackling Fragile X pp. 16-17

Seaside's unique funding stream enables progress in treatments for fragile X and autism.

Business Concentrates pp. 12-13 (Member Content)

  • Kemira Invests In Water
  • Finland’s Kemira has announced a flurry of moves to expand its water treatment chemicals business around the globe...
  • Petronas Files For Chemical Stock Offer
  • The petrochemical and fertilizer arm of Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil company, has filed for an initial public offering of stock...
  • Industrial Gas Firms Get Fined
  • JBrazil’s antitrust authority, CADE, is levying fines totaling about $1.7 billion against Air Liquide, Air Products & Chemicals, Linde, and Praxair’s Brazilian subsidiary White Martins...
  • Bridgestone Triples Electronic Paper
  • Japanese tire maker Bridgestone will spend $12 million to move its production of electronic paper from Tokyo to Iwata, in southern Japan, and triple capacity...
  • Solvay Invests In Electronics, Polymers
  • Solvay will spend $4 million to buy a minority stake in Polyera, a Skokie, Ill.-based developer of organic semiconductors and dielectrics for flexible electronics...
  • Heraeus Gets Starck Conductive Polymers
  • H.C. Starck has agreed to sell its Clevios conductive polymers business to fellow German firm Heraeus for an undisclosed sum...
  • Two German Firms Buy DyStar Facility
  • CBW Chemie and WeylChem will acquire DyStar’s reactive dyes production site in Brunsbüttel, Germany...
  • PerkinElmer Sells Lighting Business
  • PerkinElmer has reached an agreement to sell its illumination and detection solutions business to private equity firm Veritas Capital for $500 million in cash...
  • Chemical Firms Invest In Solar Materials
  • Chemical makers are ramping up to meet strong growth in the solar industry. DuPont will double capacity for its Solamet photovoltaic metallization pastes...
  • Roche And Remynd Will Target Tau
  • Roche will work with the Belgian biotech firm Remynd to develop drugs that slow the progression of Parkinson’s and Alz­heimer’s diseases...
  • Ono Gains Rights To Onyx Drugs In Japan
  • Onyx Pharmaceuticals and Japan’s Ono Pharmaceutical will collaborate on two of Onyx’ proteasome inhibitors...
  • New Roche Program Signals Staff Cuts
  • Roche is embarking on a cost-cutting and productivity enhancement program that it intends to begin implementing in 2011...
  • Takeda Licenses Orexigen Obesity Drug
  • Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical is paying $50 million to license an obesity therapy being developed by Orexigen Therapeutics...
  • Business Roundup
  • Bruker, Umicore, JSR, Solazyme, Piramal, Bend Research, AstraZeneca, Carbogen Amcis, DSM...

ACS News

Prize Created For ACS Scholars Mentors p. 42

ACS Approves New National Award p. 42

New Sponsors For Adamson And Wilson Awards p. 42

ACS Chemical Landmark on Buckyballs p. 42

ACS Meetings

2010–11 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community is for September 2010 through June 2011.

Government & Policy

Potholes On The Road To Renewable Fuels pp. 20-23 (Member Content)

Corn-kernel-based ethanol hits the fast lane, but cellulosic ethanol is still stuck in first gear.

Limits Sought On 'Pay For Delay' Deals pp. 24-25 (Member Content)

Drugmakers say patent settlements create savings for health care system.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 18 (Member Content)

  • White House Starts National Challenges
  • The White House has launched a new website where people can compete for prizes by providing solutions to tough U.S. problems...
  • CSB Issues Methyl Isocyanate Plan
  • The Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) released its requirements for a study of the feasibility of reducing or eliminating the stockpile of methyl isocyanate ...
  • BP Gives $10 Million For Health Study
  • BP announced on Sept. 7 that it will give $10 million to NIH to study potential human-health effects related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico...
  • ‘Dead Zones’ Mount Along U.S. Coasts
  • Low-oxygen “dead zones” in U.S. coastal waters are increasing, according to a report released last week from the President’s Office of Science & Technology Policy...
  • Gordon Backs House Vision For NASA
  • President Barack Obama’s long-term goals for the U.S.’s space program are impossible to execute at current funding levels...

ACS Comment

Chemistry Ambassadors Go Global p. 40 (Member Content)



Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

You can now follow C&EN on Facebook. Become a fan and track the latest news and discussions at facebook.com/CENews.

Science & Technology

Nuclear Efficiency pp. 29-31 (Member Content)

With new fuel formulations, reactors could extract more energy, reduce hazardous waste.

Full-Steam Ahead For Organometallics pp. 33-35 (Member Content)

ACS Meeting News: Chemists pay tribute to a respected editor and look to the future of the field.

Frogs Inspire New Antimicrobials pp. 36-37 (Member Content)

ACS Meeeting News: Amino acid substitutions boost natural peptides’ germ-killing abilities and reduce side effects.

Jordan Conference Stirs Controversy p. 38

International: Nobel Laureates suspect sinister motives in absence of Israeli scientists; many others disagree.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 26-27 (Member Content)

Editor's Page

Kavli Prize Science Forum p. 3

The Departments

Letters pp. 4

Newscripts p. 72

iPods In The Classroom, The Periodic Table Goes Hollywood

C&EN Archives

C&EN Archives

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