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Grad School Rankings
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Quote of the Week

"Life sciences research could, in the wrong hands, be misused to pose a threat to public health and to the security of all of our nations."

October 25, 2010

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October 24, 2011 Issue
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Cover Story

Rankling Rankings

C&EN goes inside the National Research Council's new assessment of chemistry graduate programs to find trends worth noting. (pp. 12-17)

» Methodology Explained
» View From The Trenches

The Grand Experiment(Member Content)

Drug companies' reliance on outside firms to run complex R&D programs so far seems to work. (pp. 20-24)

Government & Policy

Loosening Gridlock(Member Content)

Chemical industry hopes Congressional Election will spur more bipartisan collaboration. (pp. 38-41)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Moon Crater's Icy Character Pfizer Targets Generic Markets Nanodiamond Driver White House Honors Scientists

Moon Crater's Icy Character p. 7

Astrochemistry: Lunar impactor may have struck a site of previous comet impacts.

White House Hosts A Science Fair p. 8

Winners: Exhibit of student projects emphasizes importance of science education.

Pfizer Targets Generic Markets p. 8

Pharmaceuticals: Drug giant makes Indian supply deal and Brazilian investment.

Nanodiamond Driver p. 9

Hybrid catalyst mediates steam-free dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene.

Singapore Sting p. 9

Lilly will close its Singapore drug R&D center, a blow to the island country's ambitions.

President Honors Scientists And Engineers p. 10

Awards: Winners of the National Medals of Science and of Technology & Innovation are chosen.

Removing Bisphenol A p. 10

Canned Foods: Many companies plan to phase out use of chemical in product containers, survey finds.

A Slowdown For Start-Ups p. 11

Venture Capital: Biotech and cleantech fundraising declined in the third quarter.

Sensing Peroxide Explosives p. 11

Antiterrorism: Sensor array detects triacetone triperoxide at part-per-billion levels.


The Grand Experiment pp. 20-24 (Member Content)

Drug companies' reliance on outside firms to run complex R&D programs so far seems to work.

Beyond Small Molecules pp. 26-28 (Member Content)

After a tough 2009, attendees at CPhI were looking for growth in biotech and nonpharmaceutical markets.

Biocatalysis: Custom Manufacturers See Growth In Niche Technology p. 28 (Member Content)

Mixed Blessings In The European Union pp. 29-31 (Member Content)

Chemical executives place hope in some government programs but lament others.

Environment: Will U.S. Sensibilities Catch Up With Those Of Europe? Web Exclusive

Business Concentrates pp. 18-19 (Member Content)

  • GSK Outlines Rare-Diseases Strategy
  • Months after creating a unit dedicated to rare diseases, GlaxoSmithKline has unveiled its strategy for developing drugs for some of the more than 6,000 diseases...
  • Evonik Will Build New Methionine Plant
  • Evonik Industries intends to build a new dl-methionine complex on Singapore's Jurong Island by 2014...
  • Eastman Revamps Board Of Directors
  • Eastman Chemical is making a number of changes to its board of directors...
  • French Strike Hits Chemicals
  • France's chemical industry has lost sales of $760 million, more than half from lost export opportunities, as a result of the pension-related general strikes taking place throughout the country....
  • Cintas Debuts Washable Tuxedos
  • Uniform supplier Cintas has developed an "eco-friendly" all-polyester tuxedo for banquet hall staff that is machine washable and partially made from recycled plastic bottles...
  • Clariant To Cut 100 More Jobs
  • As part of a reorganization effort that has led to more than 3,700 layoffs since 2009, specialty chemical maker Clariant will consolidate a number of production sites and move its textile chemicals business unit to Singapore...
  • Petrobras, Ineos Move On Biofuels
  • Brazilian state oil company Petrobras has signed an agreement with industrial enzyme maker Novozymes to develop a new route to produce lignocellulosic ethanol from sugarcane bagasse...
  • Bayer Develops LED Materials
  • Bayer MaterialScience has developed polyurethane casting compounds, made from the company's aliphatic polyisocyanates and polyols, for light-emitting diodes...
  • Sanofi-Aventis Teams With Harvard
  • Sanofi-Aventis has formed a collaboration with Harvard University focused on translational biomedical research in therapeutic areas including cancer, diabetes, and inflammation...
  • Caltech And CEA Unite In Nanotech Program
  • California Institute of Technology and the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology of CEA, a French public research and technology organization, have launched the NanoSystems Partnership Program (NSyP)...
  • Asahi To Build Rubber Plants
  • Asahi Kasei will build two plants to make solution-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber in Singapore...
  • Siluria Gets Venture Funding
  • Siluria Technologies, a start-up that is developing a technology to make ethylene from natural gas, has nabbed $13.3 million in venture capital financing...
  • Business Roundup
  • Toyota Tsusho, Rhodia, BASF, Avantium, 1366 Technologies, W.R. Grace, Solvay,Novartis, Reaxa, Bristol-Myers Squibb...

ACS Scholars

La'Techa Johnson Landry p. 54

ACS Scholarship helped this driven chemist blaze her own trail.

ACS News

NNI Turns 10 p. 55

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), a program that coordinates federal nanotech research and development, marks its 10th anniversary in December.

Government & Policy

Avoiding Frankenstein pp. 35-37 (Member Content)

Efforts are under way to mitigate the risk that good life sciences research could be put to bad use.

Loosening Gridlock pp. 38-41 (Member Content)

Chemical industry hopes Congressional Election will spur more bipartisan collaboration.

Green Claims p. 42 (Member Content)

Federal Trade Commission proposes to tighten eco-marketing guidelines.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 34 (Member Content)

  • EU Will Stop Vetting Data For Confidentiality
  • Starting on Dec. 1, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will make companies' data public without checking for confidential business information...
  • State Groups Plan Chemical Registry
  • Two state-based organizations plan to create a centralized system to obtain, store, and publish information about the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, the controversial drilling technique...
  • EPA Seeks Input On Formaldehyde Rule
  • EPA is inviting small businesses to participate in an advocacy review panel that will assist in developing regulations to limit emissions of formaldehyde from composite wood products...
  • CPSC Revises Its Cadmium Standard
  • Following incidents of children's toys and jewelry being made with the toxic metal cadmium, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has come out with a new exposure standard and recommendations for cadmium testing in products...
  • CSB Calls For Ban Of Natural Gas 'Blows'
  • In a video released last week, the head of the Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) issued an emergency order requiring industries to end the practice of using natural gas to purge debris from gas piping...

ACS Comment

Eating Our Own p. 52 (Member Content)


Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

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Science & Technology

Greening Up Process Chemistry pp. 45-47 (Member Content)

Advances in biocatalysis, taming hazardous reactions help improve pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production.

Brain Glucose, Drop By Drop pp. 48-49

Microfluidic device reveals link between glucose and patient outcome in brain injury.

Recycling Red Mud pp. 50-51 (Member Content)

Researchers seek ways to recycle the alumina refining waste that caused catastrophe in Hungary.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 43-44 (Member Content)

ACS Meetings

SWRM/SERMACS 2010 pp. 55-56 (Member Content)

2010–11 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community.

The Departments

Letters pp. 3-6

Newscripts p. 64

Baby BattleMech, Molecular Spider, Gory Gourd

C&EN Archives

C&EN Archives

Now the history of the chemical enterprise is instantly accessible online. C&EN Archives holds the complete collection of C&EN issues dated back from 1923, covering world chemical events, breakthroughs in research, technological advances, business and marketing ventures, government policy, career and education trends, and ACS milestones. With more than 500,000 pages of content, C&EN Archives is instantly accessible and fully searchable, allowing you to discover how the chemical enterprise developed into what it is today.

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Environmental SCENE News

Fertilizer May Help Bacteria Slip Into Groundwater

Water Safety: High phosphate levels allow deadly microbes to pass through soil.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Sunlight Is An Effective Disinfectant

Public Health: Field work shows that a cheap water treatment method improves children's health.

House Takes Aim At Clean Air Act

Pollution: Industry backs cost-benefit analyses of EPA rules, but critics fear assault on public health.

Analytical SCENE News

New Method Isolates Membrane Proteins

Protein Purification: Technique separates proteins on a lipid bilayer.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Mapping Drugs In Human Tissue

Clinical Chemistry: Mass spectrometry imaging provides view of an inhaled drug in human lung tissue.

Skeletons Come To Light

Fluorescence Imaging: Monitoring cells as they dissolve bone may lead to disease treatments.

Analyzing Nuclear Processes

ACS Meeting News: Analytical chemists devise ways to watch radioactive streams.

JACS In Research

Indole Changeup Yields Elusive Alkaloid

ACS Meeting News: Cyclization and nitrene insertion star in synthesis.

Prefab Synthesis Moves Ahead

Organic Chemistry: First stable alpha-boryl aldehydes ease preparation of complex small molecules.

Multiple Bradykinin States Revealed

The peptide adopts at least 10 conformers in solution, explaining why its structure had only been partially characterized.

Scaling Up The Axinellamines

A quicker, more efficient, and stereocontrolled route to a key intermediate streamlines natural product syntheses.

A Revamped Vancomycin

Medicinal Chemistry: Modified compound shows promise against hard-to-treat bacteria.

CENtral Science

» News, notes, and musings from C&EN

Check out some of the recent posts from C&EN's blog, "C&ENtral Science"

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