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Pharma Partnering
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Quote of the Week

"A little suffering for beauty is okay, but you cannot take chances with runaway reactions."

November 8, 2010

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Cover Story

Partnering With Academia

Pfizer-Washington University in St. Louis pact sets example of openness in R&D for drug firms with strained budgets, troubled productivity. (pp. 14-20)


Seed Defenders

Agrochemical firms combine chemistry and biology to fend off pests and boost plant health. (pp. 24-27)

Government & Policy

Fetal Origins Of Disease(Member Content)

Efforts are under way to link chemical exposures in utero with adult disease. (pp. 40-43)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

Forging Ligands Holographic Video Dow May Split Plastics Business Jack-Of-All-Trades Detergents

Big Pharma Settles In China p. 9

Emerging Market: Western drugmakers buy local companies and build up R&D.

An About-Face On Gene Patents p. 10

Lawsuit: U.S. Justice Department says unmodified DNA should not be patentable.

Holographic Video p. 10

Materials Science: Photorefractive polymer enables 3-D video.

Sweeping Changes For Congress p. 11

Midterm Elections: Republicans gain House, trim Democrats' Senate majority.

Dow May Split Plastics Business p. 11

Restructuring: Chemical giant considers keeping some commodity polymer assets and divesting others.

Countries Agree To Ban Geoengineering p. 12

Climate Technologies: Prohibition is adopted under the UN biodiversity treaty.

Jack-Of-All-Trades Detergents p. 12

Biochemistry: Versatile molecules aid multiple stages of membrane-protein structure determination.

Halogenation In The Garden p. 13

Synthetic Biology: Chemists integrate carbon-halogen bond formation into plant metabolism.

Chemical Profits Rebound In Japan p. 13

Fiscal First Half: Demand is strong for all materials.


Seed Defenders pp. 24-27

Agrochemical firms combine chemistry and biology to fend off pests and boost plant health.

Staying On Track In The Motor City pp. 28-29 (Member Content)

Custom chemical maker Ash Stevens follows a path toward growth in the Detroit region.

Insights: Open House p. 30 (Member Content)

Fine chemicals producers respond enthusiastically to an invitation from Novartis.

Business Concentrates pp. 22-23 (Member Content)

  • Malaysia Attracts Biotech
  • The Malaysian government has enticed three companies to set up biotechnology-based manufacturing plants in the country...
  • Canada Blocks BHP’s PotashCorp Bid
  • Canadian Minister of Industry Tony Clement is scuttling the proposed $39 billion acquisition of PotashCorp by Australia’s BHP Billiton...
  • Bayer To Research Smell In Insects
  • Bayer CropScience has signed a two-year partnership with SentiSearch, an olfaction research firm, to identify molecules that target odorant receptors in insects...
  • Waters Launches Innovation Program
  • Waters Corp. has started a Centers of Innovation Program to support life sciences, sports science, and food safety research, as well as clinical and environmental studies....
  • DSM Tops Revised Sustainability Index
  • In a reassessment of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the Netherlands-based DSM now ranks as the 2010 chemicals sector leader, displacing AkzoNobel...
  • Japanese Firms Hike Battery Materials
  • Mitsui Chemicals will expand capacity for Hi-Zex Million ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, used to make lithium-ion-battery separators and high-strength fibers, at its Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, in Japan...
  • Kiri Acquires DyStar’s North American Assets
  • India’s Kiri Dyes & Chemicals has acquired DyStar’s North American assets for $10 million from private equity firm Platinum Equity...
  • Clariant Expands Flame Retardants
  • Clariant plans to double capacity for its Exolit OP nonhalogenated flame retardants by the end of 2012. Based on organic phosphorus compounds, Exolit OP products are often used with engineering polymers in electronic applications...
  • GSK And Amicus Join For A Rare Disease
  • GlaxoSmithKline will commercialize Amicus Therapeutics’ migalastat, which is currently in Phase III clinical trials as a Fabry disease treatment...
  • Amgen, Nektar Sign Drug Polymer Pact
  • Amgen will pay Nektar Therapeutics, a San Carlos, Calif.-based biotech firm with polymer-conjugate chemistry technology, $50 million to make PEGylation materials on a nonexclusive basis...
  • Baxter, Merck Divest To Middle East Firms
  • Merck Serono has sold its women’s health business, Théramex, to Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries...
  • Cambrex Follows In Dosage Form Trend
  • Pharmaceutical chemical maker Cambrex has acquired a 51% stake in Zenara Pharma, an India-based specialist in final-dosage-form drug manufacturing and nicotine replacement gums...
  • Biogen Idec To Cut Jobs In Restructuring
  • Biogen Idec has embarked on a restructuring that will eliminate about 650 full-time positions, or 13% of its workforce...
  • Business Roundup
  • Avantor Performance Materials, Invista, Lanxess, Eastman Chemical, Dow Corning, ATMI, Incyte, Vertichem, Bristol-Myers Squibb...


Branding Chemists p. 56

The Eurobachelor brand normalizes chemistry undergraduate degrees across Europe.

C&EN Talks With Amir Abo-Shaeer p. 57

MacArthur Fellow makes engineering education more creative and accessible.

ACS News

New Editor For Journal Of Chemical & Engineering Data p. 63

Seeking Olympiad Mentors p. 63

Priestley Museum Rededicated p. 63

Government & Policy

Linking Chemistry To Plant Accidents pp. 34-39 (Member Content)

New CSB staff director wants accidents to be understood, publicized, and avoided.

Fetal Origins Of Disease pp. 40-43 (Member Content)

Efforts are under way to link chemical exposures in utero with adult disease.

Perspective: Sustainable Growth Is An Oxymoron pp. 44-47 (Member Content)

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 32 (Member Content)

  • Ethics Rules Have Mixed Impact On NIH Researchers
  • Five years after NIH tightened its ethics rules, collaborations between NIH scientists and industry have decreased...
  • High Court To Hear Patent Case
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a lawsuit between Stanford University and pharmaceutical giant Roche that involves the patent rights of research universities relying on federal funds...
  • Puerto Rico To Tax Offshore Companies
  • The pharmaceutical industry is warning that a new tax on multinational firms operating in Puerto Rico that earn more than $75 million annually puts thousands of high-paying jobs in jeopardy...
  • U.S. Updates Nanotech Strategy
  • The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), which coordinates R&D efforts in nanotechnology among 25 federal agencies, is seeking input on its draft 2010 strategic plan...
  • HHS Awards New Biomedical Grants
  • The Department of Health & Human Services has awarded $1 billion in tax credits and federal grants to nearly 3,000 biotechnology companies to spur the development of new advanced therapies...

ACS Comment

Our Discipline Is In Good Hands p. 61 (Member Content)



Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

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Science & Technology

Celebrating Science And Engineering pp. 50-51

National festival personalizes scientists and engineers and puts their work in the public spotlight.

Building Bridges p. 52 (Member Content)

Leading Chinese and U.S. analytical chemists gather for community building.

What's That Stuff? Hair Straighteners p. 54

Cross-linkers, redox chemistry, or high pH, all in the name of beauty.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 48-49 (Member Content)

  • Dyeing For Green Textiles
  • By incorporating a chromophore into an aluminum polymerization catalyst, chemists can now prepare colored polymers in just one step
  • Scientists Confirm BPA Levels In Food
  • The first data on bisphenol A (BPA) levels in U.S. food to appear in a peer-reviewed journal have been published in Environmental Science & Technology
  • Thin Films Made Easy
  • Transparent thin films of conducting polymer nanofibers can be deposited onto various materials by means of a solution-based procedure that is simpler, less expensive, and quicker than common deposition methods
  • Polymer Films Bend In The Spotlight
  • A polymer film that bends in response to light may provide engineers with a new class of soft materials for artificial muscles and other three-dimensional devices
  • New Cell-Death Pathway Found
  • Disease-related misfolded proteins trigger a previously unknown apoptotic pathway, researchers report
  • Spinning Both Ways
  • Using a flash of light, a bit of base, and principles of molecular chirality, researchers led by Ben L. Feringa of the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, have designed a rotating molecular motor
  • Stopping Gut Microbe SideSteps Cancer Drug’s Side Effect
  • Blocking a bacterial enzyme alleviates a dangerous side effect of a colon cancer drug in mice, according to a multi-institutional research team
  • Amyloid Fibrils Grow Asymmetrically
  • Structural models have predicted that amyloid fibrils, which are associated with and may help cause conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, grow symmetrically at both ends

ACS Meetings

2010–11 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community.

Editor's Page

C&EN Archives p. 5

The Departments

Letters pp. 6-8

Newscripts p. 72

Chemical-Free Salt, Exploding Cannonballs, Wet-Dog Shake

C&EN Archives

C&EN Archives

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Environmental SCENE News

Fertilizer May Help Bacteria Slip Into Groundwater

Water Safety: High phosphate levels allow deadly microbes to pass through soil.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Sunlight Is An Effective Disinfectant

Public Health: Field work shows that a cheap water treatment method improves children's health.

House Takes Aim At Clean Air Act

Pollution: Industry backs cost-benefit analyses of EPA rules, but critics fear assault on public health.

Analytical SCENE News

New Method Isolates Membrane Proteins

Protein Purification: Technique separates proteins on a lipid bilayer.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Mapping Drugs In Human Tissue

Clinical Chemistry: Mass spectrometry imaging provides view of an inhaled drug in human lung tissue.

Skeletons Come To Light

Fluorescence Imaging: Monitoring cells as they dissolve bone may lead to disease treatments.

Analyzing Nuclear Processes

ACS Meeting News: Analytical chemists devise ways to watch radioactive streams.

JACS In Research

Indole Changeup Yields Elusive Alkaloid

ACS Meeting News: Cyclization and nitrene insertion star in synthesis.

Prefab Synthesis Moves Ahead

Organic Chemistry: First stable alpha-boryl aldehydes ease preparation of complex small molecules.

Multiple Bradykinin States Revealed

The peptide adopts at least 10 conformers in solution, explaining why its structure had only been partially characterized.

Scaling Up The Axinellamines

A quicker, more efficient, and stereocontrolled route to a key intermediate streamlines natural product syntheses.

A Revamped Vancomycin

Medicinal Chemistry: Modified compound shows promise against hard-to-treat bacteria.

CENtral Science

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