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Pittcon 2011
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Quote of the Week

"Care and precaution in conservation are never excessive."

April 4, 2011

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Cover Story

Pittcon 2011

Year of recovery brings increases in conference attendance, mergers and acquisitions, and instrumentation sales. (pp. 37-40, 41-42, 43-46)

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Government & Policy

Nuclear Studies (Member Content)

Japanese nuclear power plant crisis sparks examination of U.S. reactors. (pp. 27-28)

Science & Technology

Blue Whodunit

Artifact-staining dye structures revealed, but case far from closed. (pp. 32-33)

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Table of Contents

Cover Story

New Year, New Instruments pp. 37-40

At Pittcon 2011 attendance improves, as does the instrument industry business climate.

Analyze This: Mass Spec And Spot Analysis Highlighted At C&EN Pittcon Luncheon p. 40

Carbon-Based Microdevices pp. 41-42

Materials from the semiconductor industry allow scientists to 'machine' carbon.

New And Notable At Pittcon pp. 43-46

Scientific Instrumentation And More.

New And Notable At Pittcon: Pittcon Editors' Award Winners pp. 43-44

New And Notable At Pittcon: Analytical Instrumentation p. 44

New And Notable At Pittcon: Lab Optimization pp. 44-45

New And Notable At Pittcon: Chromatography & Separations p. 46

New And Notable At Pittcon: Pittcon Potpourri pp. 45-46

Thermo Fisher Displays Multiple New Instruments And Bruker Showcases Product Line.

News Of The Week

Chemists Gather In The Golden State p. 9

ACS Meeting News: Natural resources chemistry was Anaheim meeting theme.

Probing Cancer Drug Resistance p. 10

ACS Meeting News: Atomic force microscopy could yield new insights from observed changes in treated cancer cells.

Polymer Synthesis On Command p. 10

ACS Meeting News: Applied voltage modulates polymerization with precise control.

A New Twist On Aqua Regia p. 11

ACS Meeting News: Powerful organic-based systems dissolve noble metals under mild conditions.

New Center Will Promote Lab Safety p. 11

Academe: University of California, Los Angeles, effort will study effectiveness of lab safety programs.

Petrochemicals' U.S. Growth Spurt p. 12

Investment: Two large projects are considered to take advantage of cheap natural gas.

Obama's Energy Plan p. 12

Administration: President vows to cut oil imports, fight for sustained energy R&D spending.

Prudent Practices Updated p. 13

ACS Meeting News: Manual for safe handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals receives a makeover.

Single-Molecule Potentiometers p. 13

ACS Meeting News: As electrode moves along molecular wire, conductance of single-molecule device changes.

Japan's Industry Stands Strong p. 14

Natural Disaster: Many firms resume operations as buyers make supply chain adjustments.

Japanese Reactor Saga Continues p. 14

Nuclear Power: Japanese engineers fight to regain control; Congress reviews U.S. nuclear plant practices.


Keeping Business Eyes On The Prize pp. 18-20 (Member Content)

Small firms making boron reagents compete to supply materials for popular coupling reaction.

Orange Crush p. 21 (Member Content)

Tight (+)-limonene supplies put the squeeze on makers of citrus-based cleaners.

Business Concentrates pp. 16-17 (Member Content)


Investing In Education p. 47

Dow Chemical teams with MIT and Texas A&M to set up science education programs.

This Week Online

Live From Anaheim, It's CENtral Science

At the Newscripts blog, C&EN reporters expose the lighter side of the ACS national meeting. Highlights include a profile of a waiter inspired to seek higher education by the memoirs of Nobelist Ahmed Zewail, a look at how writers for television get their chemistry right, and not one but two videos of the Chemistry Dance.

Musseling Out Algae

Water Quality: Invasive mussels may turn the Great Lakes into a biological desert..

Harm From Mercury Passes Down Through Generations

Ecotoxicology: Maternal and dietary exposures in American toads have lethal effects when combined.

New Worries Associated With Rising CO2 Levels

Climate Change: Plants grown in high CO2 draw more contaminants out of the ground.

Government & Policy

Trade Secret Anxiety pp. 24-26 (Member Content)

Globalchem examines EPA move to make public more data that companies claim as confidential.

Free Lunch: Activists At GlobalChem Press For Policy Reform Discussion p. 25 (Member Content)

Nuclear Studies pp. 27-28 (Member Content)

Japanese nuclear power plant crisis sparks examination of U.S. reactors.

Challenge Grants Seek Green Targets p. 29 (Member Content)

Department of Commerce program tries to facilitate getting innovations to the marketplace.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 22 (Member Content)



Social Networking And C&EN

Social Networking And C&EN

You can now follow C&EN on Facebook. Become a fan and track the latest news and discussions at facebook.com/CENews.

Science & Technology

Blue Whodunit pp. 32-33

Artifact-staining dye structures revealed, but case far from closed.

Testing And Treating For Chromium pp. 34-35 (Member Content)

As regulators consider tightening limits on Cr (VI) in drinking water, analysis and treatment technology may limit how low they can go.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 36-37

This week's selections are from the ACS national meeting, which took place on March 27–31 in Anaheim, Calif.


2011 C&EN Calendar Web Exclusive

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community.

Editor's Page

This And That From Anaheim p. 3

The Departments

Letters pp. 4, 6

Newscripts p. 56

Chocolate For Turquoise, Wiping Away Bacteria

C&EN Archives

C&EN Archives

Now the history of the chemical enterprise is instantly accessible online. C&EN Archives holds the complete collection of C&EN issues dated back from 1923, covering world chemical events, breakthroughs in research, technological advances, business and marketing ventures, government policy, career and education trends, and ACS milestones. With more than 500,000 pages of content, C&EN Archives is instantly accessible and fully searchable, allowing you to discover how the chemical enterprise developed into what it is today.

Head here to discover the past via the C&EN Archives, go to http://pubs.acs.org/cen-archives

Environmental SCENE News

Fertilizer May Help Bacteria Slip Into Groundwater

Water Safety: High phosphate levels allow deadly microbes to pass through soil.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Sunlight Is An Effective Disinfectant

Public Health: Field work shows that a cheap water treatment method improves children's health.

House Takes Aim At Clean Air Act

Pollution: Industry backs cost-benefit analyses of EPA rules, but critics fear assault on public health.

Analytical SCENE News

New Method Isolates Membrane Proteins

Protein Purification: Technique separates proteins on a lipid bilayer.

Bisphenol A Is Ubiquitous In Receipts

Endocrine Disrupters: Researchers detect BPA in every receipt that they collected from seven U.S. cities.

Mapping Drugs In Human Tissue

Clinical Chemistry: Mass spectrometry imaging provides view of an inhaled drug in human lung tissue.

Skeletons Come To Light

Fluorescence Imaging: Monitoring cells as they dissolve bone may lead to disease treatments.

Analyzing Nuclear Processes

ACS Meeting News: Analytical chemists devise ways to watch radioactive streams.

JACS Research In C&EN

Indole Changeup Yields Elusive Alkaloid

ACS Meeting News: Cyclization and nitrene insertion star in synthesis.

Prefab Synthesis Moves Ahead

Organic Chemistry: First stable alpha-boryl aldehydes ease preparation of complex small molecules.

Multiple Bradykinin States Revealed

The peptide adopts at least 10 conformers in solution, explaining why its structure had only been partially characterized.

Scaling Up The Axinellamines

A quicker, more efficient, and stereocontrolled route to a key intermediate streamlines natural product syntheses.

A Revamped Vancomycin

Medicinal Chemistry: Modified compound shows promise against hard-to-treat bacteria.

CENtral Science

» News, notes, and musings from C&EN

Check out some of the recent posts from C&EN's blog, "C&ENtral Science"

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