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December 2001
Vol. 4, No. 12, pp 53–54.
new product notes
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Blood RNA. The PAXgene system is designed for RNA stabilization and accuracy in gene expression analysis. It contains an evacuated blood collection device and a purification kit that optimizes the quality and quantity of RNA from whole blood samples.
PreAnalytiX 150

Adenovirus products. Adenovator, Adenoviral Vector System, AdenoExpress, Ready-made Adenoviruses, Transfection Reagents, and Gene SHUTTLE enable scientists to easily construct adenoviruses in E. coli and obtain a high level of protein expression. The products are ready-made and available for expressing a variety of human and mouse genes.
Q-BIOgene 151

Microplate labeling. The Bar Code Print & Apply Workcell performs automated bar code labeling. The unit includes a 600-dpi Zebra printer, labels, liners, and ribbons, and it prints labels up to 3 in. wide. It is compatible with laboratory environmental conditions such as low temperature, temperature cycles, and chemical exposure.
Hudson 152

DNA extraction. The BuccalAmp DNA kit includes 15 tubes, QuickExtract DNA extraction solution, and Catch-All swabs. There is no risk of sample cross-contamination because the kit eliminates steps such as centrifugation and DNA columns. The samples can be stored for an extended period and transported at ambient temperature without compromising the genomic DNA.
Epicentre 153

Dialysis. The Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Unit is available in a 10-unit trial pack that includes a newly designed multiunit array float for dialyzing 1–25 samples in organics, weak acids, and weak bases. Kits are ready-to-use and are designed for sample volumes of 10–100 µL.
Pierce 154

Web sites. The Available Chemicals Directory (ACD), version 2001.1, lists the latest products, including new building blocks for chemical construction. For information on the ACD, visit www.mdli.com. Users can also search databases of combinatorial chemistry and screening compounds at www.maybridge.com/. The site is searchable by features such as product code, substructure, molecular formula, and CAS number.
Maybridge 155

autosamplerAutosampler. The MPE 60z Graphite Furnace sampler handles not only automatic sample feeding but also several tasks and decisions to reduce manual work, increase measurement efficiency, and improve the quality of results. After simple, computer-controlled adjustment of the sampler relative to the graphite furnace, operation is easy; and no readjustment is needed, even after changing the graphite tube.
Analytik Jena AG 156

Syringe filters. Millex-GP units with Millipore Express membranes are 33 mm in diameter and have 20% more surface than traditional 25-mm filters. The larger filter surface increases flow rate and throughput, and makes it easier to filter solutions by reducing the thumb pressure required to empty the syringe. The high maximum operating pressure permits fast filtering.
Millipore Corporation 157

powder dispenserPowder dispensing. The Many to Many system uses gravimetric principles to dispense a wide range of powders into containers such as vials, tubes, and microplates. Weight is monitored during dispense and documented after dispense with a Sartorius balance. The typical dispense range is 0.1 mg to 2 g ± 0.1 mg. A robotic arm allows automated change of powder containers, and loading and storing of dispensed containers. The system runs unattended. Applications include combinatorial chemistry, discovery, preformulation, formulation, process and chemical R&D, clinical supplies, compound storage, and materials science.
AutoDose 158

leaf chamber fluorometerLeaf chamber fluorometer. This instrument is the latest addition to the standard setting LI-6400 Portable Photosynthesis system. It enables the LI-6400 to simultaneously measure fluorescence and gas exchange over the same leaf area. The unit provides complete control over the actinic light (independently controlled red 630-nm and blue 470-nm LEDs), measuring light (red 630-nm LEDs modulated from 0.25 to 20 kHz), saturation light (red 630-nm and blue 470-nm LEDs), and far-red light (740-nm LED for PSI excitation).
LI-COR 159

Software. MICROLAB Vector is for laboratory automation programming and integration. Protocols are created in a flexible Windows-based environment with a combination of general program functions and instrument-specific commands. The user has extensive control over the protocol as well as specific parameters. Vector also allows multiple instrument selection and integration in the same software environment. One protocol can be created to incorporate all selected instruments without additional software or complicated programming.
Hamilton 160

Microplates. Glutathione Immobilizer microplates are strips for fast, easy, and highly reproducible detection of glutathione S-transferase (GST)-tagged fusion proteins or purified GST. Covalently bound glutathione in the wells provides a unique 3-D surface for fast, one-step, reproducible, efficient coupling to GST-tagged fusion proteins or purified GST in samples, with no time-consuming preactivation or blocking steps. Signal-to-noise ratios are high even at low sample concentrations, and the detection limit, when measured at 1 OD, is as low as 10 ng/mL.
Exiqon 161

CCDS softwareSoftware. Chiral Calculation and Deconvolution Software (CCDS) calculates enantiomeric excess (ee) and specific rotation (sr) in analytical, preparative, and SMB chiral applications. CCDS calculates ee and sr for incompletely resolved analytical separations, identifies the ee of fraction cuts for preparative purifications, and determines the ee of SMB output streams.
PDR-Chiral 162

Reagent. Resin-bound PS-TFP (4-hydroxy-2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzamidomethyl polystyrene) reacts with acids to make stable, active esters, which can subsequently be cleaved with amines to generate the corresponding amides. PS-TFP also can be used to make sulfonamides.
Argotech 163

arraysArrays. Hybond Atlas cDNA Expression Arrays allow high-throughput, sensitive, and accurate profiling of gene expression. Arrays contain 1176 selected cDNA fragments on nylon membranes, enabling the rapid assessment of the differential gene expression of hundreds of genes simultaneously. The range covers immobilized gene-specific cDNAs representing known genes that survey major biological pathways and functions. Arrays are available for human, mouse, and rat research.
Amersham Biosciences 164

heater accessoryHeater accessory. The Fluid Sample Heater accessory for BioScope scanning probe microscopes is designed for biological applications. It controls the in situ temperature of samples from ambient to 60 °C and can be used with any scanning technique for imaging in liquid. The unit provides nominal temperature stability of ±0.5 °C at the user-specified set point with a <2 °C (1 °C, typical) temperature gradient from the center to the edge of the AFM/optical viewing area at 37 °C.
Digital Instruments 165

Software. SieveMaster automates data collection, calculation, and reporting for applications in which particle-size distribution is determined by sieving. It eliminates manual calculations and transcription errors, improving the documentation and recording of sieving results. This software allows users to reconfigure the default settings to suit their SOPs and to specify every detail of the procedure, from the time lapses during stable reading processes down to the cell locations for the data that are automatically collected.
Labtronics 166

Labstation. The Ethos MicroSYNTH has been engineered for rigorous laboratory use and includes state-of-the-art temperature and pressure monitoring, advanced sample handling, and software control. A comprehensive collection of reaction vessels is available for combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis, large-batch reactions, and photochemistry.
Milestone 167

Software. Tango-X software enables the Tango Liquid Handling System to be controlled from a remote computer or by a scheduling program, while minimizing the rewriting of code. The software makes it easier to integrate the Tango liquid handler into automated systems. ActiveX is a software standard developed by Microsoft Corporation for communication between a client Windows program and a server software component. An “ActiveX control” is a server software component (also known as an OCX file) that follows this standard.
Robbins Scientific 168

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