We lost a giant, such a brilliant, wise and kind man. He sent me photos of a young Huisgen from a photography excursion they once enjoyed https://t.co/wlTyBxczQt

— Carolyn Bertozzi (@CarolynBertozzi) October 30, 2016

We will miss Jack. Among all the other accolades, my favorite is that he brought the first female grad student to Caltech. https://t.co/DKLmWnLLK7

— Sarah Reisman (@sarah_reisman) October 30, 2016

This quote from Jack Roberts' memoirs is a testament to his restless spirit, optimistic enthusiasm and fundamental scientific contributions. pic.twitter.com/0IdZnnhEin

— Ash Jogalekar (@curiouswavefn) October 30, 2016

#NMR and #OrganicChemistry thank you John D. Roberts https://t.co/9lleyXxUAg

— Pat F. (@Pippipat) November 2, 2016

RIP, Jack. One of my favorite classes @Caltech. Energy, smarts and sharp as a tack even at age 82 when I took it. Amazing guy. #legend https://t.co/I2pemPIcHx

— Premal S. Shah (@premal2000) October 31, 2016

Jack Roberts was a true pioneer of chemistry and mechanism.

An inclusive innovator who's insights transcended controversy.#RealTimeChem https://t.co/iHh8S9tDz4

— Dr Marc Reid (@reid_indeed) October 31, 2016

I don't know what I would do without NMR!

John D. Roberts dies at age 98 https://t.co/xumdfvAUgZ via @cenmag

— Ijaz Ahmed, PhD (@Muslim_Chemist) November 2, 2016

J. D. (Jack) Roberts of Caltech is gone at age 98, and chemistry loses a link to its past: https://t.co/WhpbaDrjKX

— Derek Lowe (@Dereklowe) October 31, 2016

A good time to reshare Jeff Seeman's warm tribute to phys org legend Jack Roberts, with many human details. https://t.co/AINBVEhahy

— Art Winter (@ArthurHWinter) October 30, 2016