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AHA! Moments

Welcome to C&EN's AHA! Moments.

A reader named Irv Goldman suggested to Editor-in-Chief Rudy Baum that we should consider reporting on the special moment in a chemist's career that changed that person's thinking, where a problem became crystal clear and the person said or thought, "Aha!".

We are pleased to bring you the following AHA! Moments.

Photo by Amanda Yarnel Courtesy Rockefeller University Photo by Peter Cutts
Peter C. Agre Roderick MacKinnon Ronald Breslow
Photo By Michael Marsland/Yale University Photo by Peter Cutts Courtesy of Irving Goldman
Ronald R. Breaker Jeremy M. Berg

Irving Goldman

If you are a chemist - or know one - with an AHA! Moment to share, please contact C&EN by e-mailing

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