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C&EN Special Issue: CAS Celebrates 100 Years (1907-2007) - Volume 85, Number 24, June 11, 2007

A Century of CAS

For one hundred years so far, the Chemical Abstracts Service has kept the worlds's scientist abreast of chemical advances.

CAS Surveys Its First Century

As it enters its second century, Chemical Abstracts Service continues tradition of innovation.

To grasp how long ago Chemical Abstracts began, consider all that had not yet happened in 1907. Roald Amundsen had not reached the South Pole. Both the first Model T Ford and the Titanic had yet to be constructed. World War I would not occur for another decade. Twenty years would pass before Alexander Fleming noticed that a certain Penicillium mold possessed the curious power to kill various bacteria.

The Incredible Vastness of Data

In the hands of CAS, a morass of data points ends up telling epic research stories, page by page.

From an airplane, you can get the big picture, an entire landscape. But if it is the trees you really need to see, and not the forest, then you have to get your feet on the ground.

At the Cusp of a New Century

Chemical Abstracts Service adapts to change and continues its mission as it enters its second century.

As CAS segues from its first century into its second, the editors of C&EN asked Robert J. Massie, president of CAS for the past 15 years, to look at his organization's roots and what opportunities and perils lay in the path ahead.

The Faces of CAS: Past and Present

For the past century, Chemical Abstracts Service has benefited from the talents of thousands of dedicated people. In the early days, volunteers were responsible for much of the abstracting. In this special feature, several of those volunteers look back and share their experiences working with CAS.

BÉla S. Buslig, Volunteer Abstractor

Translating Is Easier Said Than Done

Raymond A. D'Angelo, Director, Online Services Development

Computers Made It Possible

Richard Hermens, Volunteer Abstractor

Abstracting's Unique Payoff

Cathy Hanning, Human Resources Manager

Meaningful, Long-Lasting Friendships

John Manley, Senior Financial Adviser, Cost Accounting

At CAS, A Value-Added Career

W. Val Metanomski, Senior Scientific Information Specialist, Database Operations Department

Happy Historian

Vicki Nichols, Department Manager, Editorial Systems

Having Fun On The Job

Eli M. Pearce, Volunteer Abstractor

Abstracting For Lunch Money

Chiori Shimizu, Assistant Scientific Document Analyst, Editorial Operations

Loyal Employer, Loyal Employee

Divya J. Soares-
Scientific Information Analyst, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics

Success Is In CAS's DNA

Kathy Springer, Manager, General Accounting

A Career Built On Opportunity

E. Thomas Strom, Volunteer Abstractor

Not As Easy As It Looks

Barbara Vieira, Senior Product Development Manager, New Product Development

The Human Side Of Chemistry

Shan Wei, International Customer Service Representative

Thinking Globally At CAS

David Weisgerber, Retiree

People Who Come To CAS Rarely Leave

Pat Wilson, Retiree

Challenges And Opportunities, Always

Kris Woods, Manager, Data Center Operations

The Only Constant Is Change

Christian Zeidner, Projects Manager, Online Services Development

Technological Legacy Of Success


Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, celebrates its 100th year of providing access to chemical literature and patents to speed and enable scientific discovery to improve people's lives.

CAS Timeline

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