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April 28, 2008
Volume 86, Number 17
p. 72

Science Friction with Bob Wolke

If you think you know what H2O is, think again. That insipid, humdrum liquid has been vastly improved, thanks to 21st-century chemical technology. Let me give you a few examples.

OzWater is advanced, MICROSTRUCTURED water. The microstructuring process starts with basic spring water that undergoes a patented process that restructures the water through electrolysis. The restructuring process results in smaller water clusters, which enable it to impregnate the cells in your body more quickly and efficiently than ordinary H2O. OzWater is infused with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, the only substance on Earth that contains all 84 minerals found in the human body. OzWater not only hydrates but also replenishes the body with these essential minerals.

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Bob Wolke

Watt-Ahh is a new water based on a patent-pending process that reforms and polarizes H2O the way nature intended, using a novel method of polarizing water by a technology known as MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS. Although this is a relatively new technology, nature has been doing it for thousands of years. When water evaporates from Earth, it rises through a powerful magnetic field that induces a charge. Lightning is the discharge of this stored energy. As raindrops fall back to Earth, a small amount of energy remains that cleans our air and neutralizes pollution and has enough energy left to make our lawns greener and healthier and to make them grow three times faster than they would with ordinary water. Even the slightest polarization of water, as evidenced by the rain, is extremely beneficial in nature.

Watt-Ahh is more conductive when compared with distilled water, because Watt-Ahh is polarized. Distilled water, filtered water, and reverse-osmosis water still contain free radicals and traces of bacteria. Different types of water, such as spring water, tap water, filtered water, and purified (ultraviolet) water, contain minerals and other impurities that are removed in Watt-Ahh. Simply stated, Watt-Ahh allows more efficient absorption of nutrients to keep you healthy and energized and to minimize the aging process.

Advanced Hydration Technology (AHT) water has a FASTER DIFFUSION RATE than ordinary water and, as a result, hydrates your body more effectively. A patented process reduces the size of molecular clusters in water by about half—from 10–13 H2O molecules per cluster in ordinary water to 5–6 molecules per cluster in AHT. The smaller molecular clusters, like OzWater, allow the cells of your body to absorb water more quickly and efficiently. Improved hydration translates into improved digestion, metabolic function, and elimination of waste. The process locks supplemental oxygen in the molecular structure of AHT. Because it is literally part of the water, the additional oxygen can be processed into your bloodstream by your digestive system. It effectively maximizes blood oxygen levels and, as a result, helps maximize oxygen delivery to every part of your body.

EON water is engineered with technology that restructures the water into BIOMOLECULAR CLUSTERS, providing better cellular absorption while enhancing the body's oxygenation. By using a series of proprietary technologies, EON can vibrate the clusters and break up the larger water clusters. The structured water is then locked into place through physical forces of vorticular motion and magnetic moments, so the water clusters stabilize.

Liquid Zeolite Water has a high-energy 114° HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE compared with tap water, which has a low-energy hydrogen bond angle of 104°. After breaking down the hydrogen bond angle, diseased cells can't survive in the high-blood-oxygen environment. Also, opening up the hydrogen bond angle enables your blood to circulate more oxygen.

Jupiter water ionizers give you the ability to turn normal tap water into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE CHARGE. It is due to this ability that the aging process is retarded. In simpler terms, an excessive amount of charge in water results in oxidation, which accelerates aging effects. Water ionizers counter the positive charge of potentially acidic water by producing negatively charged ions, creating a balance that results in purified, healthy, alkaline water. The Jupiter water ionizer is the most helpful tool on the road to finding the Fountain of Youth.

The descriptions above were taken with minimal editing from promotional literature of the manufacturers of these products. For more on these and other "advances" in water chemistry, see www.chem1.com/CQ/clusqk.html. Bob Wolke can be reached at sciencefriction.wolke@gmail.com.