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Safety Letters

Below is an index of the chemical safety letters that have appeared in C&EN since 1993. The index is alphabetized by the chemical involved in the letter. Click on the title to access the full text of the letter or C&EN article.

Regarding Title Issue
(Perfluoroethyl)lithium Safe generation of (perfluoroethyl)lithium 10/6/97
1,5-Diamino-1H-tetrazole Preparation of 1,5-Diamino-1H-tetrazole 7/25/05
2-Methoxyprop-2-yl hydroperoxide Prepared in laboratory precisely according to the literature procedure of R. Benedikt, unexpectedly exploded. 10/6/08
2-(tert-butylsulfonyl)iodosylbenzene Letters: Chemical Safety: Synthesis Procedure. 1/10/11
2,4,6-trinitrobenzene-1,3-diol Prepared in laboratory precisely according to the literature procedure of R. Benedikt, unexpectedly exploded. 10/6/08
2,4,6-trinitrobenzene-1,3,5-triol Potential hazard with 2-methoxyprop-2-yl hydroperoxide 8/9/93
3-[Ethoxy(thiocarbonyl)thio]quinoline 3-[Ethoxy(thiocarbonyl)thio]quinoline explosion 7/9/01
3-Iodoxybenzoic Acid 3-Iodoxybenzoic Acid: Handle With Care 7/1/02
3-Phenyl-2-phenylsulfonyl-oxaziridine 3-Phenyl-2-phenylsulfonyl-oxaziridine stability 2/25/02
4-azidobenzaldehyde Explosiveness of 4-azidobenzaldehyde 7/13/98
4-Trifluoromethylphenylmagnesium bromide Metal fluoride stability 3/17/97
6,6'-Dibromo-2,2'-Bipyridine 6,6'-Dibromo-2,2'-Bipyridine 11/27/00
Acetone/peroxide dimer Explosion in preparation of 5-bromo-4(3H)-pyrimidinone 7/10/95
Alkenes and nitrogen oxides Explosion hazard with pipe from chloroprene tank 8/7/95
-lithiated amines Potential Explosion Hazard Of -Lithiated Amines 6/30/03
Aluminum alkyls Aluminum alkyl reactivity 3/3/97
Aluminum chloride-nitrobenzene Aluminum chloride-nitrobenzene mixtures 2/9/98
Aluminum with fluorinated ligands Aluminum with fluorinated ligands 5/20/96
Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride 4/28/97
Asymmetric Simmons-Smith cyclopropanation Explosion hazard in asymmetric cyclopropanation 2/6/95
Azides Azide explosions discussed further 3/14/94
Azidotrimethylsilane Azidotrimethylsilane 1/26/98
Bees, wasps around gas cylinder caps Cylinder cap buzz 8/19/96
Bees, wasps around gas cylinder caps Bees, wasps, and cylinder caps--a painful combination 10/2/95
cerium ammonium nitrate/potassium bromate/malonic acid Exothermic Demo 6/15/98
Chloracnegens New chloracnegens 11/23/98
Chlorine dioxide (liquid) Inadvertent Production And Explosion Of Liquid Chlorine Dioxide 12/9/02
contact lenses in the lab Contact lenses 6/1/98
Cumene hydroperoxide Cumene hydroperoxide explosion 10/18/93
Cumene hydroperoxide Cumene hydroperoxide explosion 5/31/93
Dichlorotetramethyldisilane Explosion during distillation of crude dichlorotetramethyldisilane 6/11/01
Diglyme Chemical Safety: Dangers Of Diglyme 7/12/10
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Dimethyl Sulfoxide Overpressurization Hazard 6/14/10
Dimethylmercury Safety standards 10/20/97
Dimethylmercury Hazardous references 7/14/97
Dimethylmercury Handling dimethylmercury 5/12/97
Dimethylmercury More on working with dimethylmercury 6/16/97
Diphosgene, triphosgene Safe handling of diphosgene, triphosgene 2/8/93
Ethyl acetate Peroxides in ethyl acetate 12/18/00
Formaldehyde and sodium hydroxide Formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide hazard 1/9/95
Hydrogen/Oxygen Hydrogen/Oxygen Ballons 5/12/03
Hydroxyurea Hydroxyurea 6/1/98
Iodylarenes Proper Handling Of Hazardous Iodylarenes 1/23/06
LiAlH4 reduction of SiCl4 Chemical safety: LiAlH4 reduction of SiCl4 12/19/05
Lithium 2,6-Difluoroanilide Lithium 2,6-Difluoroanilide Decomposition Hazard 2/28/05
Magnesium nitride Letters: Chemical Safety: Mg3N2 Hazard 7/13/09
Magnesium nitride Letters: Chemical Safety Mg3N2 Explosion Risk 6/8/09
Magnesium nitride Letters: Chemical Safety Explosion Hazard 4/13/09
Mercury Mercury vapor release in TKN method 2/15/93
Methacryloyl chloride Surprise polymerization of methacryloyl chloride 6/3/96
Methyl 2-butynoate Hazard in preparing methyl 2-butynoate 11/14/94
Organofluorometallics The wise chemist 7/8/96
Oxoammonium perchlorate Oxoammonium perchlorate 7/8/96
Phosgene/chloroform Phosgene from chloroform 3/2/98
Plutonium Antique Plutonium 1/29/09
Polymethylpentene and microwave-assisted extraction Reactive membrane filter ring in microwave-assisted reaction 6/19/95
Potassium Dangerous Hydroxide Monohydrate Crust 9/16/02
Pyridinium Dichromate Pyridinium Dichromate Fire 4/21/03
Silanes/Siloxanes Hazard in hydrosilylation of D4Vi with D4H 9/12/94
Silanes/Siloxanes Hazard in hydrosilylation of D4Vi with D4H 9/12/94
Silanes/Siloxanes Potential hazard in hydrosilylation of D4Vi with D4H 4/25/94
Sodium azide More On Sodium Azide 6/14/10
Sodium azide Sodium Azide Precautions 4/5/10
Sodium azide Sodium Azide Hazards 1/11/10
Sodium azide/Dichloromethane/DMSO Azide explosions discussed 12/13/93
Sodium azide/Dichloromethane/DMSO Explosion with sodium azide 10/11/93
Sodium azide/Dichloromethane/DMSO Explosion with sodium azide in DMSO-CH2Cl2 4/19/93
Sodium chlorite Explosion with sodium chlorite 3/22/93
sodium/carbon tetrachloride Explosion hazard 9/7/98
tert-butyl lithium Researcher Dies After Lab Fire
Learning From Mistakes
1/22/09, 2/23/09
Tollens' reagent Exploding reagent 1/8/96
Tosyloximes Thermally unstable tosyloximes 10/1/01
Trichloroacetic acid Trichloroacetic acid storage 5/26/97
Triethoxysilane/titanium isopropoxide Silane disproportionation results in spontaneous ignition 3/29/93
Trifluoroethylene vapor Trifluoroethylene deflagration 12/22/97
Trimethylsilylacetylene Trimethylsilylacetylene Explosion 1/18/10
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